Friday, May 22, 2009

Learning to view challenges as opportunities

One of the hard things about beginning a new journey is the fear created by all of the un-knowns. When we began this journey, one of the significant unknowns was the financial responsibility of taking three additional children. We have been blessed with a beautiful home. However, as with anything, when you makes changes more changes are required. Such is the case with our home. We have 3 bedrooms and then one additional one downstairs. To accommodate everyody we had to make significant changes understanding they were temporary - or so we thought. The bedroom downstairs is nice - but doesn't meet fire code and has mold issues along the wall where Jacob's bed is. So........we need to move him. But there just isn't any place to go. The other three children are all in one room - a 16 year old, an 11 year old and a 6 year old. Of course, they are living on top of each other. We need to make some changes but the financial implications are huge. One of the things the court asked was for us to separate them on different floors but the court system and the State of NC have been very difficult to work with through this point. We covet your prayerful support as we work dilligently in allowing the Lord to do His work and to meet our needs as He sees them.

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