Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hayes chosen to lead the pledge

Hayes was chosen from his classroom along with Cassie Brown to lead the school in the Pledge on Bobcat News - the small tv station that is broadcast into each classroom. He didn't tell me until later and it was just a passing comment. He did a great job!! We are getting ready for the school year to end. Chelsea is looking for a job so she can get her liscense and buy a car. Jacob will be involved in football and basketball camps. Keaton and Hailey are going to church camps twice this summer and will be volunteering on Thursdays with the Mothers Morning Out program at church. Hayes and I will be hanging out at the pool. I'm hoping he can be involved in a camp as well - the question will be if I can do all the running!!

My camera is broken and at the shop for the next couple of weeks. I'll post more pixs when the camera returns. Keep us in your prayers!!

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