Friday, June 19, 2009

Keaton & Hailey - 5th grade graduation

Keaton and Hailey have graduated the 5th grade at Candler Elementary and are quite ready to move on to Enka Middle School. The Presidential Academic Award is given to children who have had a 3.5 GPA for 3rd - 5th grade and have scored above 85% on at least one of the three EOG tests. Keaton received the award for the entire time at Candler. Hailey also received the award but they counted only the one semester Hailey was at Candler. This shows what incredible improvement she has made since being here!! She had missed more than 20 days the first half of the year and received perfect attendance for the second half of the year. Both girls also received recognition for the A/B Honor Roll for the 5th grade. I am very proud of them - not necessarily because of the awards but more for their perserverance through some very difficult times. Both of them had an excuse to miss school and to drop in their performance but through encouragement and the support of a WONDERFUL SCHOOL AND TEACHERS they hung in there!! That is an inspiration to all of us!!

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